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SAS/ACCESS Interface to SYSTEM 2000 Data Management Software: Reference

Reviewing Variables

If you want to use SYSTEM 2000 data described by a view descriptor in your SAS program but cannot remember the variable names or formats and informats, you can use the CONTENTS or DATASETS procedures to display this information.

This example uses the DATASETS procedure to give you information on the view descriptor VLIB.EMPPOS, which you created in Defining SAS/ACCESS Descriptor Files.

    proc datasets library=vlib memtype=view;
       contents data=emppos(s2kpw=demo);

Using the DATASETS Procedure with a View Descriptor shows the information for this example.

Using the DATASETS Procedure with a View Descriptor
                               The SAS System                              1
                             DATASETS PROCEDURE
     Data Set Name: VLIB.EMPPOS               Observations:         887
     Member Type:   VIEW                      Variables:            5
     Engine:        SASIOS2K                  Indexes:              0
     Created:       03NOV89:16:17:59          Observation Length:   53
     Last Modified: 07SEP89:14:15:58          Deleted Observations: 0
     Data Set Type:                           Compressed:           NO
           -----Alphabetic List of Variables and Attributes-----
#    Variable    Type    Len    Pos    Format    Informat    Label
4    DEPARTME    Char     14     36    $14.      $14.        DEPARTMENT
2    FIRSTNME    Char     10     10    $10.      $10.        FORENAME
1    LASTNAME    Char     10      0    $10.      $10.        LAST NAME
5    MANAGER     Char      3     50    $3.       $3.         MANAGER
3    POSITION    Char     16     20    $16.      $16.        POSITION TITLE

Note the following points about Using the DATASETS Procedure with a View Descriptor:

For more information on the DATASETS procedure, see the SAS Procedures Guide.

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