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SAS/ACCESS Interface to SYSTEM 2000 Data Management Software: Reference


PROC ACCESS <options>;
CREATE libref.member-name.ACCESS|VIEW;
DATABASE<=>database-name <S2KPW<=>password <MODE<=>SINGLE|MULTI>>;
BYKEY variable-identifier<=>YES|NO
DROP variable-identifier
FORMAT variable-identifier<=>SAS-format-name
INFORMAT variable-identifier<=>SAS-informat-name
LENGTH variable-identifier<=>item-width
LIST <ALL|VIEW|variable-identifier>;
RENAME variable-identifier<=>SAS-variable-name
RESET ALL|variable-identifier <...variable-identifier-n>;
SELECT ALL|variable-identifier <...variable-identifier-n>;
SUBSET selection-criteria;
S2KPW<=>password <MODE <=>MULTI|SINGLE>;

PROC ACCESS Statement Options

The following options can be used with the PROC ACCESS statement.

ACCDESC= libref.access-descriptor
identifies an access descriptor. You use this option to create a view descriptor from an existing access descriptor.

If the access descriptor has been assigned a SAS password, you may need to specify the password in the ACCDESC= option in order to create a view descriptor based on the access descriptor. Whether you specify the password depends on the level of protection that was assigned to the access descriptor. For information on assigning and using passwords, see Specifying Passwords for SAS/ACCESS Descriptors.

If you create the access descriptor and the view descriptor in the same execution of PROC ACCESS, omit the ACCDESC= option because you specify the access descriptor's name in the CREATE statement.

AD= and ACCESS= are aliases for this option.

specifies that you want to invoke the SAS/ACCESS interface to SYSTEM 2000 software. This option is required when creating a descriptor, but not when extracting DBMS data.

specifies the SAS data file to which DBMS data are written. The OUT= option is used only with the VIEWDESC= option.

specifies a view descriptor that accesses the DBMS data. VIEWDESC= is used only with the OUT= option.

VIEW= and VD= are aliases for this option.

See Example Data for examples of using options in procedure statements.

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