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SAS/ACCESS Software for Relational Databases: Reference

Distributed CA-OpenIngres

The following products are used in the CA-OpenIngres distributed relational database management system to enable you to simultaneously access multiple CA-OpenIngres and non-CA-OpenIngres databases on local and remote servers.

is the CA-OpenIngres relational database management system.

enables you to access CA-OpenIngres data on a remote server from your local computer through a link that uses an existing network.

CA-OpenIngres Gateways
enables you to access non-CA-OpenIngres data in other database servers and file management systems.

CA-OpenIngres /Star
enables you to access multiple local, remote, CA-OpenIngres, and non-CA-OpenIngres database servers at the same time.

To access the various databases of distributed CA-OpenIngres through SAS/ACCESS to CA-OpenIngres, you indicate, as appropriate, the virtual node name, the database name, and the type of server that is being accessed when you identify the database that is being used.

Refer to your CA-OpenIngres documentation for additional information.

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