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SAS/ACCESS Software for Relational Databases: Reference

Changes and Enhancements in SAS/ACCESS-DBMS Product Support

In Version 7 and later, SAS/ACCESS Software for Relational Databases consists of one or more of the following: the SAS/ACCESS LIBNAME statement (and new options), the ACCESS and DBLOAD procedures, a SAS/ACCESS interface view engine, and the SQL Procedure Pass-Through Facility (with new options). Not all of these components are available in every SAS/ACCESS interface. Please refer to your DBMS chapter for details. The ACCESS and DBLOAD procedures remain compatible with Version 6. See also SAS/ACCESS Supported Features on Version 8 Host Environments for more information.

There are a number of relational DBMS changes and enhancements in Version 7 and Version 8:

New relational DBMS Interfaces have been added:
[IMAGE] SAS/ACCESS interfaces to OLE DB and Teradata are new in Version 8. See their DBMS chapters for more information.

SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC has new access:
In Version 7 and later, the SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC enables you to access various kinds of DBMS data, including AS/400 data and Microsoft SQL Server data. You can no longer access these databases directly; instead, you use a new conversion procedure, PROC CV2ODBC, which is described in SAS/ACCESS Software for Relational Databases: Reference (ODBC Chapter). This procedure enables you to convert Version 6 view descriptors (SAS/ACCESS to AS/400 or SAS/ACCESS to SQL Server) and PROC SQL views (that are based on Pass-Through code) to Version 7 or Version 8 PROC SQL views. This new procedure is provided for upward compatibility. See your ODBC chapter for more information about the CV2ODBC procedure.

Oracle Rdb Support:
The SAS/ACCESS LIBNAME and data set options are not supported under the Oracle Rdb interface.

[IMAGE] For Version 8, the SAS/ACCESS interface to SYBASE is no longer supported in the OS/2 operating environment. It continues to be supported in other operating environments. The software vendor has ceased SYBASE support under OS/2.

Some RDBMS products have changed their names since the previous release:

DB2 for UNIX (AIX) and DB2 for OS/2
are now both supported in the SAS/ACCESS Interface to DB2 Under UNIX and PC Hosts. You can use previous aliases to access the data, or you can use the alias DBMS=DB2.

is now Oracle Rdb. You use the same alias to access your database data (DBMS=RDB).

is now CA-OpenIngres. You use the same alias to access your database data (for example, DBMS=INGRES).

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