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SAS/ACCESS Software for Relational Databases: Reference

ACCESS Procedure: Oracle Rdb Specifics

The following section describes the DBMS-specific statements that you use in the SAS/ACCESS Interface to Oracle Rdb.

ACCESS Procedure Statements for Oracle Rdb

To create an access descriptor, you can use the DATABASE= statement, which is a database-description statement for Oracle Rdb. Database-description statements supply database-specific information to the SAS System. If used, the DATABASE= statement must immediately follow the CREATE statement that specifies the access descriptor to be created. The DATABASE= statement is optional.

Database-description statements are specified only when you create access descriptors. Because Oracle Rdb information is stored in an access descriptor, you do not need to repeat this information when you create view descriptors.

The syntax for other statements you use to create an access descriptor is provided below. .

Note:   Unlike other SAS/ACCESS products, the SAS/ACCESS Interface to Oracle Rdb does not use the following procedure statements: USER= and PASSWORD=.  [cautionend]

The SAS/ACCESS Interface to Oracle Rdb uses the following procedure statements in interactive line, noninteractive, or batch mode:

PROC ACCESS <access-descriptor-options|view-descriptor-options>;
CREATE <libref.>member-name.ACCESS|VIEW <password-option>;
UPDATE <libref.>member-name.ACCESS|VIEW <password-option>;
DROP <'>column-identifier-1<'><...<'>column-identifier-n<'>>;
FORMAT<'>column-identifier-1<'><=> SAS-format-name-1
LIST <ALL|VIEW|<'>column-identifier<'>>;
RENAME <'>column-identifier-1<'><=>SAS-variable-name-1
RESET ALL|<'>column-identifier-1<'><...<'>column-identifier-n<'>>;
SELECT ALL|<'>column-identifier-1<'><...<'>column-identifier-n<'>>
SUBSET selection-criteria;

The DATABASE= statement specifies the name and physical location of the Oracle Rdb database. The name can be the operating-system-specific pathname of the database or an OpenVMS logical name that points to the fully qualified Oracle Rdb database name. The .RDB file extension is optional.

If you are accessing a remote database, you can specify the OpenVMS node name as part of the OpenVMS pathname of the database:

DATABASE=<'><OpenVMS-net-node::> OpenVMS-pathname<'>;

The DATABASE= statement is optional. If you omit the DATABASE= statement, the default action is to use the value of the OpenVMS logical name SQL$DATABASE. For more information about SQL$DATABASE and accessing remote databases, see your Oracle Rdb documentation.

Note:   Double quotation marks cannot be used with this option.  [cautionend]

The following example uses a DATABASE= statement for a remote database called TEXTILE on the OpenVMS node ATLANTA.

proc access dbms=rdb;

   /*create access descriptor   */

   create adlib.customer.access;     
   rename customer = customer_number
          firstorder = firstorder_date;
   list all;

   /*create usacust view        */

   create vlib.usacust.view;         
   select customer state zipcode name
   subset where customer like '1%';

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