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SAS/ACCESS Software for Relational Databases: Reference

ACCESS Procedure: CA-OpenIngres Specifics

The following section describes the DBMS-specific statements that you use in the SAS/ACCESS interface to CA-OpenIngres.

ACCESS Procedure Statements for CA-OpenIngres

To create an access descriptor, you use a database-description statement in the PROC ACCESS step, DATABASE=. The database-description statement supplies database-specific information to the SAS System. This statement must immediately follow the CREATE or UPDATE statement that specifies the access descriptor to be created or updated.

Database-description statements are required only when you create access descriptors. Because CA-OpenIngres information is stored in an access descriptor, you do not need to repeat this information when you create view descriptors.

The syntax for other statements that you use to create an access descriptor is provided below.

Note:   The SAS/ACCESS interface to CA-OpenIngres does not use the following procedure statements: USER= and PASSWORD=.   [cautionend]

The SAS/ACCESS interface to CA-OpenIngres uses the following procedure statements in interactive line, noninteractive, or batch mode:

PROC ACCESS <DBMS=INGRES|view-descriptor-options>;
CREATE libref.member-name.ACCESS|VIEW;
UPDATE libref.member-name.ACCESS|VIEW;
DATABASE=<'> <v-node::>>database</server-type><'>;
DROP <'>column-identifier-1<'> <...<'>column-identifier-n<'>>;
FORMAT <'>column-identifier-1<'><=>SAS-format-name-1
<...<'>column-identifier-n<'> <=> SAS-format-name-n>;
RENAME <'>column-identifier-1<'> <=> SAS-variable-name-1
<...<'>column-identifier-n<'> <=> SAS-variable-name-n>;
RESET ALL|<'>column-identifier-1<'><...<'>column-identifier-n<'>>
SELECT ALL|<'>column-identifier-1<'> <...<'>column-identifier-n<'>>
SUBSET selection-criteria;
LIST <ALL|VIEW|<'>column-identifier<>;>

The DATABASE= statement specifies the name of the CA-OpenIngres database. This statement is required.

If you use a remote database, you enter its remote virtual node name. If you use a distributed database, you enter the database server type. If you use a remote distributed database, you enter the database virtual node name and server type. The syntax for the database field follows; quotes are required around the entire database string:

v-node is the name of the remote virtual node where the database is located. It implies that the network node address and protocol are defined by the NETU utility that is provided by CA-OpenIngres. For more information about the NETU utility, refer to your CA-OpenIngres/Net user's and administrator's guide.
database is the name of the database.
server-type is the type of server that is being accessed at the local or remote site. Valid server types are INGRES for a CA-OpenIngres DBMS server or STAR for a CA-OpenIngres/Star server. (You can replace /STAR with its alias, /D.) If you omit a server type, the default server type, INGRES, for the CA-OpenIngres DBMS is used.

For example, to access the distributed database called TEXTILE on a remote virtual node named ATLANTA, you would enter 'ATLANTA::TEXTILE/STAR' .

proc access dbms=ingres;
   /*create access descriptor  */
   create adlib.customer.access;     
   rename customer = custnum;
   format firstorder date9.;
   list all;

   /*create usacust view        */
   create vlib.usacust.view;         
   select customer state zipcode name
   subset where customer like '1%';

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