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SAS/ACCESS Software for PC File Formats: Reference

Handling Missing Values

Missing numeric values are filled in with 9s by default. The DBFMISCH is used to change the default by specifying the character that the interface to DBF files uses to fill missing numeric fields. For example, if you try to write a SAS file with a missing numeric variable to a DBF file, the corresponding field in the DBF file would be filled with the DBFMISCH character. Conversely, any numeric or float field in a DBF file that is filled with the DBFMISCH character is treated as missing when read by the SAS System.

You set the DBMISCH environment variable in the SAS configuration file using the following syntax:

-set DBFMISCH <value>

Valid values are

<any single character>
Type in any single character. For example, to fill missing numeric values with the zero character (0), enter -set DBFMISCH 0.

To replace missing numeric values with binary zeros, enter -set DBFMISCH NULLS.

To replace missing numeric values with blanks, enter -set DBFMISCH BLANKS.

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