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SAS/ACCESS Software for PC File Formats: Reference

Sample Data in This Book

This book uses sample PC files that show you how to use the SAS/ACCESS interface to PC file formats. The PC files were created for a fictitious international textile manufacturer. This company's product line includes some special fabrics that are made to precise specifications. All the data in the files are fictitious.

Note:   The files are designed to show how the SAS/ACCESS interface treats data stored in PC files. They are not meant as examples for you to follow in designing files for any purpose.  [cautionend]

Sample Data shows you the data in these sample PC files. The SAS/ACCESS software sample library contains the following files for your use. These files enable you to create the PC files and SAS/ACCESS descriptors and to run the examples.

contains the DATA steps and PROC DBLOAD statements to create the PC files.

contains the SAS code of the examples in Examples.

contains macros that enable any SAS/ACCESS interface for a PC file format to create database-description statements; these statements are used in the PROC DBLOAD and the PROC ACCESS code in PCDBL.SAS and PCSAMP.SAS files.

contains the Screen Control Language (SCL) examples used in this book to create SAS/AF software examples.

These files are shipped with your SAS/ACCESS software. Check with your SAS system administrator or SAS Software Consultant for access to these files.

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