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SAS/ACCESS Interface to ADABAS Software


This appendix provides information about the ADABAS files, NATURAL DDMs, access descriptors, view descriptors, and SAS data files used in the examples in this book.

It shows the ADABAS data definition statements and the data that were used to build the ADABAS files. It also shows the access descriptors and view descriptors, along with any selection criteria. In addition, this appendix shows the data and the SAS statements that were used to create the SAS data files for the examples.

If you want to run the examples in this book, contact your SAS Software Representative for information on accessing the sample library files. The sample files contain instructions for creating the ADABAS files. The steps are as follows:

  1. Create the ADABAS files using the ADABAS data definition statements.

  2. Create the NATURAL DDMs for the ADABAS files as shown in each description.

  3. Create the SAS data files.

  4. Create an access descriptor and an associated view descriptor for each ADABAS file. Make sure that all SAS names match between the view descriptor and the ADABAS file. Use the access descriptors in this appendix as a model. Select every field for the access descriptors, and create views that also select every field.

  5. Run the APPEND procedure with the data set options shown below. Use the SAS data file to update the view.

    proc append data=SAS-file base=view-descriptor;

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