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Use the Extended Text Entry class to create data entry objects for use exclusively in graphical environments that accept only character data as input. In addition, use the Extended Text Entry class to enable

Extended text entry objects have the following characteristics that distinguish them from other data entry objects:

for use in graphical environments only
extended text entry objects do not have alternate definitions for non-graphical environments.

can accept multiple lines of character-only data
Each input and display line has a maximum length of 200 characters.

support the use of host fonts
Extended text entry objects can use various fonts provided by the host environment.

Note:    The value of an extended text entry is numeric.  [cautionend]

The text entered into an extended text entry object is handled through an SCL list. Each line is stored as an item in the list. In the SCL program, you access all of the lines of text for the extended text entry object by using _getValue, or specific lines of text by using _getText or _getLine.



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