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The Form Editor class is part of a collection of classes that combine to create the Data Form and Data Table classes. These classes work together to enable you to

Unless you are customizing the form editor or you are using a model other than the original Data Set Data Model class provided, do not use this class. Use the Data Form class instead.

Before you customize the functionality of these classes, you should understand the structure of these classes and how they communicate.

The Form Editor class provides the ability to view and interact with a single row of data from a given data model using SAS/AF software widgets to represent the data model's columns. The Form Editor class uses the model as a data source. This model is expected to be a subclass of the Form Data Model class, which is the abstract class that defines the communication protocol between the Form Editor class and the model. For example, data form is a subclass of the form editor, and it uses Data Set Data Model, which is a subclass of the Form Data Model. This relationship is already set up for you, and no subclassing is involved. For more information, see the Form Data Model class.

Once attached to a model, the Form Editor class creates a default layout using a label and data widget to represent each column of the model. If the model contains more columns than will fit into the form editor's region, then the contents of the form editor are partitioned into units called pages. By default, each page contains as many widgets as will fit into the form editor's region.

After the creation of the layout, you can execute the frame, and then the column data from the data model are displayed in the associated widgets. During run mode, the form editor provides the basic row and page navigation actions via its pop-up menu. This separation of data and view is known as the Model-View-Controller (MVC) paradigm.

The term form editor is used as a general term and should be interpreted as a data form, a form editor, or a subclass of a form editor.



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