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Using Color in a Scatter Control

The following table lists the attributes you can use to control color in a Scatter control. For information on controlling the color in titles and footnotes, see Displaying Titles and Footnotes in a Scatter Control For information on using color as a response variable, see Using a Color Variable in a Scatter Control.

Attribute Specifies
axisColor Color for the axes, axes labels, tick marks, and legend
backgroundColor Color outside of the plot axes but within the control's border
borderColor Color for the border around the control
borderTitleColor Text color for the border's title
chartBackgroundColor Color inside the area defined by the plot axes
colorVariable Marker or surface colors.
gridColor Color of the plot's grid lines
highlightColor Color a marker turns when it is selected
labelVariableColor Color for label variable text
markerColor Color for the plot markers
missingColor Color used for markers that have a color response value that is not defined in the Range entry
outlineColor Color for the outline around plot markers

For all the above attributes except the colorVariable, you can specify a color name like red, green, or blue. Alternatively, you can set the color to match a color value that is set in the SAS environment. For example, you can set the color to match the color used for the SAS notes that print in the Log window.

To set colors in the SAS environment, use the SASCOLORS window, which you can open with the Tools menu:

For a Scatter control named scatter1, the following code sets the backgroundColor attribute to blue:

scatter1.backgroundColor = 'blue';

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