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Specifying Data for a Histogram Control

To specify the data for a Histogram control, use the dataSet or dataSetID attributes, or reference the SCL list that contains the data. Use the Histogram control's dataSource attribute to indicate the source of the data.

Attribute Specification
dataSet Specify the data set in the form libref.filename. You can use this attribute in the Property sheet, or in SCL code.
dataSetID Specify the data set ID, which is the identifier returned by the open() method. The dataSetID attribute is useful when you want to create a subset of the data before using it. This attribute is only available in SCL code.
dataList Specify the SCL list that contains the data values. This attribute is only available in SCL code.

For information on using subsets of data, see Using Subsets of Data in a Histogram Control.

For a Histogram control named histogram1, the following code sets the dataSet attribute to Sashelp.Revhub:

histogram1.dataset = 'sashelp.revhub';
In the following example, the data set is first screened for those revenues that are over $500,000:
rc=where(dsid,'revenue gt 500000');

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