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Specifying Data Dimensions and Viewing Mode for a Histogram Control

A Histogram control can analyze one, two, or three independent variables. The number of data dimensions must correspond to the number of independent variables in the analysis. To set the data dimension, use the dataDimensions attribute. For information on specifying the variables, see Specifying Variables for a Histogram Control.

Depending on the number of data dimensions, you can set the viewing mode to a two- or three-dimensional histogram. To set the viewing mode, use the viewMode attribute. The viewing mode affects which actions are available for interacting with the control. The following view modes are available:
2D has height and width but no depth
3D has height and width and uses shading to create the illusion of depth
3DPerspective has height, width, and true depth.

The following table shows how to coordinate the data dimensions and viewing mode.

To analyze... Set dataDimensions to... Set viewMode to ...
One variable 1D 2D
Two variables 2D 2D or 3D
Three variables 3D 3D or 3DPerspective

For a Histogram control named histogram1, the following code sets the data dimensions to 1D and the viewing mode to 2D:

histogram1.dataDimensions = '1d';
 histogram1.viewMode = '2d';

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