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Displaying Titles and Footnotes in a Histogram Control

Histogram controls use title and footnote objects to control their titles and footnotes. You can specify

Each title and footnote object has the following attributes:

Attribute Description
color Color for the title or footnote text
font Font for the title or footnote text
text The text for the title or footnote
justification left, right, or center justification

Because the titles and footnotes are objects, they inherit additional attributes, which you will see in their Property sheets. However, the attributes listed in the table above are the only ones you need.

In build mode, when you set the title or footnote attributes in the Property sheet, an editor automatically opens so you can enter values for the title or footnote attributes.

To set titles or footnotes in SCL code, use the notation for complex attributes. For example, for a Histogram control named histogram1, the following code sets the text and text color for one title and one footnote:

histogram1.title1.text='My Title';
histogram1.footnote1.text='My Footnote';

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