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Frame Class: _setCursorShape

Frame Class: _setCursorShape

Sets the cursor shape (mouse pointer shape) for the frame



objectName._setCursorShape( shape );
objectName._setCursorShape( shape, immediate );

Argument Type Use Description
shape Numeric Input specifies a shape number
immediate Character Input specifies whether to change the shape immediately: NO (default) which changes the shape the next time the frame refreshes


You can change the cursor shape or mouse pointer shape from the default arrow (shape 2) to any shape in the following table:

Shape Description
0 text
1 wait
2 select
3 crosshair
4 focus
5 move
6 copy
7 question mark
8 focus/zoom in
9 focus/zoom out
10 left and right edge resize
11 top and bottom edge resize
12 unconstricted region resize
13 top left/bottom right resize
14 top right/bottom left resize
15 action OK (allowed)
16 multi-object move
17 drop OK
18 action not allowed
19 help on a selected item

To reset the cursor shape to the original value, use _resetCursorShape.

Normally, the cursor shape changes the next time the frame is refreshed. However, there may be times when you want the shape to change immediately.

Not all hosts support changing the cursor shape.

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