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Widget Class: _setCursorShape

Widget Class: _setCursorShape

Assigns the cursor shape (mouse pointer shape) for a widget



objectName._setCursorShape( shape );

Argument Type Use Description
shape Numeric Input specifies a shape number


When you assign a cursor shape to a widget, the cursor changes from the default shape (normally an arrow, #2) to the specified shape when the mouse pointer moves across the widget. Some hosts do not allow you to invoke the _cursorTracker method while the mouse pointer is moving across native widgets (for example, list boxes, push buttons, and icons).

Cursor Shapes
Number Shape
0 text
1 wait
2 select (default)
3 crosshair
4 focus
5 move
6 copy
7 question mark
8 focus/zoom in
9 focus/zoom out
10 left and right edge resize
11 top and bottom edge resize
12 unconstricted region resize
13 top left/bottom right resize
14 top right/bottom left resize
15 action ok (allowed)
16 multi-object move
17 drop ok
18 action not allowed
19 help on a selected item


Suppose you make a SAS/GRAPH Output object, graph, and you want the cursor shape to be a crosshair when the mouse pointer is moved across the graph. Specify


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