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SAS Companion for the CMS Environment

Connecting to a SAS Session

Under CMS, you can access or connect to a SAS session in any of the following ways:

3270 terminals
You can use devices that support extended data streams as well as those that do not. See Terminal Support in the CMS Environment for more information about terminal support.

terminal emulators
Terminal emulators that you can use to access SAS under CMS include Emulus (available from SAS Institute) and EXTRA, Rumba, Communications Manager, and so forth (available from other vendors).(footnote 1)

SAS/CONNECT software
SAS/CONNECT supports cooperative and distributed processing between CMS and OS/390, OpenVMS, UNIX, OS/2, Windows, and VSE. It supports advanced communications protocols (APPC or TCP/IP), enabling local clients that are running SAS to communicate with one or more SAS applications or programs that are running in remote environments. For more information, see Communications Access Methods for SAS/CONNECT and SAS/SHARE Software.

SAS/SHARE software
SAS/SHARE enables local and remote clients in a heterogeneous network to update SAS data concurrently. It also provides a low-overhead method for multiple remote clients to read local SAS data. For more information, see SAS/SHARE Software: Usage and Reference.

FOOTNOTE 1:  Although Emulus software is available from SAS Institute, it operates independently of the SAS System and its applications. It offers enhancements to 3270 terminal operations as well as extended, interactive features for users of SAS graphics applications. See A Guide to Emulus Software: An Enhanced 3270 Emulator for the X Window System for further information. [arrow]

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