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SAS Companion for the CMS Environment

Other Host-Specific Aspects of the Macro Facility

Collating Sequence for Evaluating Macro Characters

Under CMS, the macro facility uses the EBCDIC collating sequence for %EVAL and for implicit evaluation of macro characters.

SAS System Options Used by the Macro Facility

The following table lists the SAS system options that are used by the macro facility and that have host-specific characteristics. It also tells you where to look for more information about these system options.

SAS System Options Used by the Macro Facility That Have Host-Specific Aspects
System Option Description See ...
MSYMTABMAX= specifies the maximum amount of memory available to all symbol tables (global and local combined). The value of n can be expressed either as an integer or as MAX (the largest integer your operating environment can represent, typically 2,147,483,647). Under CMS, the default value for this option is 524,288 bytes. SAS Language Reference: Dictionary
MVARSIZE= specifies the maximum number of bytes for any macro variable stored in memory (0<=n<=32,768). The default setting for CMS is 8192. See "MVARSIZE=" in the System Options section
SASAUTOS= specifies the autocall library See the information on SASAUTOS= in this section and in the System Options section

Customizing a Production Job

The SYSPARM= option supplies a value for the SYSPARM macro variable at SAS invocation. For example, to create a title based on a city as part of noninteractive execution the production program might contain the following statement:

TITLE "1996 Standard of Living Index for &sysparm";

The invocation command in CMS might be as follows:

sas program-name (sysparm=Boston)

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