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SAS Companion for the CMS Environment

Choosing between Disk and Tape Storage

Under CMS, permanent SAS files can be stored in the following formats:

Advantages of Tape Format

Tapes are able to accommodate large files for which disk storage is impractical. In addition, CMS Version 6 and Version 7 SAS files that are in tape format can be read by SAS under OS/390 and VSE (Version 8 tape format libraries cannot be read by SAS under VSE).

Disadvantages of Tape-Format Files on Tape

Tape-format files on tape have the following disadvantages:

        data new;

Disadvantages of Tape-Format Files on Disk

Tape-format files on disk have many of the same disadvantages as tape-format files on tape:

If you are using Version 5 sequential format, never use a libref or DDname that begins with TAPE for external files of any kind.   [cautionend]
See Working with SAS Files on Tape for more information about tape handling under CMS.

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