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SAS Companion for the CMS Environment

Displaying System Option Settings

Most SAS system options are set to default values. To display the current settings of SAS system options, use either the OPTIONS procedure or the OPTIONS window.

OPTIONS Procedure

The OPTIONS procedure writes to the SAS log all system options that are available under CMS. System Options in the CMS Environment describes the options that have host-specific behavior, and SAS Language Reference: Dictionary describes the system options that are completely portable (that is, those that have no host-specific behavior).

By default, the procedure lists one option per line with a brief explanation of what the option does. To list the options with no explanation, use the SHORT option:

proc options short;

You can also use the OPTIONS procedure to obtain more detailed information about a particular system option. See OPTIONS and SAS Procedures Guide for more information about PROC OPTIONS.


The OPTIONS window displays the settings of SAS system options. You can also use the OPTIONS window to change the settings of system options for the duration of your SAS session. However, you cannot use the OPTIONS window to change invocation options.

Summary Table of SAS System Options tells which options are listed in the OPTIONS window.

To display the OPTIONS window, type OPTIONS on the command line.

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