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Communications Access Methods for SAS/CONNECT and SAS/SHARE Software

Spawner Programs

A spawner program resides on a SAS/CONNECT remote host and listens for client requests for connection to the remote host. After the spawner program receives a request, it invokes the remote SAS session.

For SAS/CONNECT Release 6.09E and subsequent releases and Release 6.11 TS040 and subsequent releases, all data that flows during sign on from the local SAS session to the spawner program is encrypted. A spawner program eliminates the need for a script file for signing on or signing off the remote host.

A spawner program is needed on the node that serves as the remote host for each of the following types of remote host and the supported access methods as shown in Remote Hosts and Access Methods Supported by Spawner Programs.

Note:   A spawner program must be invoked on the remote host prior to executing a SIGNON statement.  [cautionend]

Remote Hosts and Access Methods Supported by Spawner Programs
Remote Host NetBios SPX* TCP/IP** DECnet
OS/2 V6/V7/V8 V6 V6/V7/V8
Windows NT V6/V7/V8 V6 V6/V7/V8 V7/V8
Windows 95 V6/V7/V8 V6 V6/V7/V8 V7/V8



OpenVMS Alpha


* The SPX access method is not supported in Version 7 and later. However, information about the SPX access method is included here for Version 6 users.

** Using a spawner program to connect to an OS/2, a UNIX, an OS/390, or an OpenVMS Alpha remote host with the TCP/IP access method is optional. If you do not use a spawner program, the TELNET daemon is used by default.

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