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Communications Access Methods for SAS/CONNECT and SAS/SHARE Software

Tasks That Are Common to SAS/CONNECT and SAS/SHARE

System Administrator or User
To use the SPX access method with a Windows host for SAS/CONNECT and SAS/SHARE, perform these tasks:
  1. Verify that you have met all your site and software requirements.

  2. Verify that the resources for the IPX/SPX access method have been defined.

  3. Verify that you know how to set options in the SAS software.

  4. Set the SAS/CONNECT and SAS/SHARE options that you want.

System and Software Requirements for SAS/CONNECT and SAS/SHARE

Ensure that the following conditions have been met:

  1. The IPX/SPX protocol has been installed at both the local and remote hosts.

  2. SAS has been installed on both the local and remote hosts.

Windows NT and Windows 95 Requirements

To use the SPX access method with Windows NT or Windows 95, install and configure the following:

  1. the SPX protocol which is included with both Windows NT and Windows 95.

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