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Communications Access Methods for SAS/CONNECT and SAS/SHARE Software

CMS: APPC Access Method


Until the configuration is properly specified, it can be difficult to establish communications within an SNA network, especially for a host subarea peripheral node. To simplify troubleshooting, SAS/CONNECT uses a convention for error handling that passes information to you to help you debug your configuration. This information includes operation codes, return codes, and sense data, which is framed within the context of the function the software is trying to perform. SAS/CONNECT does not attempt to interpret this information. Use this information to work with network systems and SAS support personnel at your site to resolve the problem.

ERROR: SET COMDIR ON was in effect but no
entry in the active communications directory
was found that matches the specified nickname.
ERROR: remote signon to xxxxx cancelled.

This is an informational message.

ERROR: Target application partner could not
be located.
ERROR: Remote SIGNON to xxxxxxxx cancelled.

SIGNON has failed from CMS to OS/390. Examine the UCOMDIR NAMES file for misspellings or an incorrect password.


Supporting access method initialization failed

The APPC access method could not be initialized. Most likely the VM directory entry for the server's virtual machine was not created properly. This message is also issued if the SERVER= option in the PROC SERVER statement specifies a name other than the server's virtual machine name.

Target application partner could not be located.

The server whose name was specified by the SERVER= option in the LIBNAME or the PROC OPERATE statement could not be found by the APPC access method.

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