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Communications Access Methods for SAS/CONNECT and SAS/SHARE Software

OS/2: EHLLAPI Access Method


If you encounter difficulties in establishing a session, SAS/CONNECT provides the following messages to help you troubleshoot the problem.

ERROR: No available HLLAPI session.

The wrong value for the REMOTE= option has been specified. The value for REMOTE= should match the remote host session name.

NOTE:   (11320k) badly formatted SAS remote screen 
WARNING: - message received from Host 
ERROR: user-requested abort encountered. 

The NOTE and WARNING messages appear on the PC. The ERROR message appears on the remote host. These messages occur after the SIGNON statement if the 3174 controller does not set the file transfer aid byte correctly. Option 125 (file transfer aid) must have the digit 6 set to 1 to allow packets to be sent to complete the SIGNON. This problem also occurs with other controllers. The option is typically identified on other controllers by a name similar to file transfer aid.

Bad 3270 status.  Please reset keyboard.

A problem exists in either the software that you are using (other than SAS/CONNECT) or in VTAM. Add a WAITFOR statement that waits for at least 1 second before issuing the TYPE statement that caused the message to occur.

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