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Communications Access Methods for SAS/CONNECT and SAS/SHARE Software

OS/2: NetBIOS and MNetBIOS Access Methods


Various errors may occur when you initially try to establish a connection over a network with the NetBIOS access method. Many of these problems are related to the network. SAS/CONNECT attempts to present an error message that indicates the cause of the error. The following list explains the most common problems in establishing NetBIOS communications.

ERROR:  Network Request Failed rc=38. 
Requested resource(s) not available.

There are not enough system resources available to satisfy either the VQMLINKS= or the VQMCONVS= request. This error can be caused by either of the following situations:

To correct this error, specify a new value for either VQMLINKS= or VQMCONVS= on either the local or the remote session, as appropriate.

ERROR:  Network Request Failed rc=22. 
Too many commands outstanding.

The number of simultaneous sessions that are requested is greater than the allocated commands allow, and the request has failed. You are using too many resources.

To correct this problem, either increase the number of sessions that are allowed or decrease the number of simultaneous sessions. To increase the number of sessions that are allowed, increase the value of the VQMCONVS= option on either the local or remote session, as appropriate. This assumes that sufficient system resources are available. In general, one session is required for each concurrent SAS/CONNECT session as well as for each remote libname.

ERROR: Network request failed 
(rc 0x14) - Cannot find name called.

The SAS/CONNECT spawner program cannot be found. Verify the following:

ERROR: Network request failed
(rc 0xA7) - Unknown NETBIOS return code.

NetBIOS is not set up to run in the Windows environment.

ERROR: File not found loading 
File contributing to error: ACSNETB 
ERROR: File not found loading \sas\core\sasexe\sasvnmne.dll;
File contributing to error: NETAPI

The NetBIOS or the MNetBIOS access method was loaded but the supporting vendor software was not found. You must specify the correct path location in the LIBPATH statement for one of the following:

ERROR: Network request failed (rc 0x05) - Command timed out.

During a NetBIOS SIGNON, SAS.EXE could not be executed from the directory that the spawner program is executing from. To resolve this problem, add the SAS Release 6.08 or later directory to the OS/2 PATH= statement in the OS/2 CONFIG.SYS file.

Ensure that SAS.EXE is located in either the OS/2 PATH variable or in the spawner's current directory.


SAS/SHARE users and administrators can communicate with a server on the same system or on a different system by using the NetBIOS access methods.

If you have IBM Extended Services, specify COMAMID=NETBIOS to use the IBM NetBIOS 3.0 Interface access method.

If you have Novell NetWare Requestor for OS/2 2.0, specify COMAMID=MNETBIOS to use the NetBIOS Submit Interface access method.

The NetBIOS access methods that are used by SAS/SHARE sometimes issue generalized messages to identify problems. All of these messages are produced by the IBM NetBIOS 3.0 Interface and the NetBIOS Submit Interface access methods.

Network request failed (rc 0x30) - name defined by another environment.

Another server that has the same name is already running on the network, or another NetBIOS application is using the name. Choose another name.

Network request failed 
(rc 0x38) - requested resource(s) not available.

Insufficient resources are available. Either use the VQMLINKS and VQMCONVS variables to cause SAS to ask for less resources, or reconfigure NetBIOS so that there are more resources available to NetBIOS applications. Reconfiguring NetBIOS is system and vendor specific.

Network request failed 
(rc 0x14) - cannot find name called.

The server that is specified by the SERVER= option cannot be located on the network.

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