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Communications Access Methods for SAS/CONNECT and SAS/SHARE Software

OpenVMS: TCP/IP and TELNET Access Methods

Version 6 Only Beginning with Version 7, the TELNET access method is not supported. However, information about TELNET is included here for Version 6 users.  [cautionend]



SAS/CONNECT and SAS/SHARE may be unable to connect to the TCP/IP port. The following system message appears:


The connection may fail at SIGNON for either of the following reasons:


Failure to enter a server's name, a port, and an alias in the SERVICES file results in an error when you try to access the server.

The following partial SAS log shows the error message that the user receives if the server service is omitted from the SERVICES file.

36   options comamid=tcp fullstimer; 
37   %let tcpsec=_prompt_; 
38   libname sasdata 'edc.prog2.sasdata'
You cannot connect to server SDCMVS.SHARSRVX because 
ERROR:  No TCP service 'sharsrvx' on this host. 
ERROR:  Error in the LIBNAME or FILENAME statement.
No TCP service <server-id> on this host.

The service that is specified in the SERVERID= option is not one of the SAS/SHARE TCP/IP service names that are defined in the TCP services file.

Cannot locate TCP host <node>

The TCP/IP software is probably not running on the server's node.

Cannot bind TCP socket. 
System message is 'address already in use'

Another server that has the same name is already running on this node, or another TCP/IP application is using the predefined port numbers that the TCP/IP access method is trying to use. If another server that has the same name is running, choose one of the other defined server names. If there is no other server running that has the same name, there may be a conflict with another software package. Contact your system administrator.

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