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Communications Access Methods for SAS/CONNECT and SAS/SHARE Software

Windows: SPX Access Method

Version 6 Only Beginning with Version 7, the SPX access method is not supported. However, information about SPX is included here for Version 6 users.  [cautionend]


Various errors may occur when you initially try to establish a connection over a network with the SPX access method. Many of these problems are related to the network. The following messages are a few of the more common errors you may encounter:

ERROR: Network partner xxxx not found.

The network name that you specified as the value for the REMOTE= option is invalid. The partner application is not running, is on a different network, or is using a different packet type. Ask your system administrator for valid names at your site.

ERROR: Communication request rejected by partner: 
security verification failure.

Permission to access the remote host was denied. Verify that you specified a valid userid and password for the remote system.

ERROR: Supporting access method initialization failure.

There is a configuration problem. Contact your systems personnel.

ERROR: Target application partner could not be located.

The remote SAS session could not be started by the spawner program. There is a configuration problem.

Besides network errors, you should also be aware of operating system-dependent considerations, which are described in the next two sections. If you cannot resolve a problem based on the information that is provided in the error message and this document, contact SAS Technical Support for assistance.

Windows NT Considerations

Under Windows NT, you must ensure that the IPX/SPX protocol is using the same packet type as the other machines that you want to communicate with. You must choose 802.2, 802.3, or similar packet types.


SAS/SHARE users and administrators can use the Novell Sequenced Packet Exchange (SPX) access method to communicate with a server that is running on a Windows NT machine on the same network. Specify SPX as the value for the COMAMID=, the COMAUX1=, or the COMAUX2= option.

The SPX access method used by SAS/SHARE sometimes issues generalized messages to identify problems. Some of the most frequently encountered messages are described in this section.

Supporting access method initialization failure

There is a configuration problem. SPX is not installed, or it is not installed properly. Contact your systems administrator.

Network name server-id already in use

The server that was specified by the SERVERID= option is already being used by another application on your network.

Network partner server-id not found

The server that was specified in the SERVERID= option was not found. The server was not started, or it is on a different network, or it is using a different packet type.

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