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Communications Access Methods for SAS/CONNECT and SAS/SHARE Software

Making Host Connections with SAS/CONNECT and SAS/SHARE Software

For both SAS/CONNECT and SAS/SHARE, you must specify a communications access method, along with other steps, to connect two SAS sessions on the same or different platforms.

You must perform steps on the local side and, sometimes, on the remote side.

For SAS/CONNECT, perform the following general steps at the local host:

  1. Specify a sign-on script name, if applicable.

  2. Specify the communications access method.

  3. Specify the name of the remote host that you are connecting to.

  4. Sign on to the remote host.

When you access a SAS/SHARE server, perform the following general steps:

  1. Specify the communications access method.

  2. Specify the server name.

At the remote sides for SAS/CONNECT and SAS/SHARE, you may need to ensure that a configuration file has been set up or that environment variables have been declared.

Additional tasks may be needed based on the platform and the access method that are being used. These tasks may be performed by different people, such as the user, the system administrator on the local and remote sides, or the network administrator.

For example, a user may need to set variables or options on the local side or to configure a local configuration file to automate the connection process. A network administrator may need to configure the network to prepare the access method, or the remote-side system administrator may need to configure the remote side to prepare for a connection from the local side.

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