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Communications Access Methods for SAS/CONNECT and SAS/SHARE Software

Windows: CPIC Access Method


Local Host

The following example illustrates the statements that you specify in a Windows 32s local host configuration file to connect to a remote host with the CPIC access method:

-set cpic_lu62mode cpicmode
-set cpic_conformance wincpic
-set cpic_secure _prompt_

CPICMODE is the mode-name that is defined on the underlying CPIC subsystem. The value WINCPIC specifies a conformance to the WINCPIC standard. The CPIC_SECURE option specifies that connecting local hosts be prompted for a username and a password that are valid on the remote host.

The following example shows the statements that you specify in a local SAS session:

options comamid=cpic remote=remotelu;

The CPIC communications access method is declared with a connection to REMOTELU, which is the symbolic-destination-name, the remote-LU, or the remote-LU-alias. The SIGNON statement performs the sign-on process.

Note:   The value for the REMOTE= option must be identical on both the local and the remote hosts.  [cautionend]

Remote Host

SAS Institute does not provide support for connections to the Windows 32s remote host with the CPIC access method.

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