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Communications Access Methods for SAS/CONNECT and SAS/SHARE Software

OS/2: NetBIOS Access Method


Local Host

The following example illustrates the statements that you specify in an OS/2 local host SAS session to connect to a remote host with the NetBIOS access method.

options set=vqmlinks 3 set=vqmconvs 3;
options comamid=netbios remote=sasrem;
signon user=_prompt_;

This example assumes a connection to a PC spawner that is running in secure mode. Two options are set; see SAS/CONNECT and SAS/SHARE Options for details. The NetBIOS communications access method is declared with a connection to the remote host SASREM, which is the name that is specified in the -NETNAME option at the PC spawner invocation. The USER= option in the SIGNON statement specifies that the connecting local host be prompted for a userid and a password that are valid on the remote host. The SIGNON statement performs the sign-on process.

Remote Host

An example follows of how the PC spawner is invoked on an OS/2 remote host:

c:\sas\connect\sasexe\spawner -comamid netbios 
    -netname sasrem -file mysas.cmd

The spawner is invoked, and the NetBIOS access method is specified. The -NETNAME option specifies the name that the PC spawner program uses to communicate with the local host. The -FILE option executes the MYSAS.CMD file, which invokes a SAS session.

See Starting the PC Spawner Program for information about the contents of a command file and about executing the PC spawner. Options that are set through the spawner override options that are set in the remote host configuration file.



The following example shows the statements that are specified in an OS/2 client session:

options comamid=netbios;
libname sasdata 'c:edc\prog2\sasdata' server=share1;

The NetBIOS access method is declared.

The LIBNAME statement specifies the data library that is accessed through the server SHARE1.


Specify the following statements in a SAS session on the OS/2 remote host to start a server:

options comamid=netbios;
proc server id=share1;

The NetBIOS access method is declared for the server SHARE1 that is started on the OS/2 remote host.

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