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Doing More with SAS/ASSIST Software

Modifying a Report Using the Cmd Field

You can use commands in the Report Engine window Cmd field to modify your report. Type a ? in the Cmd field to list the commands described in the following table.

Cmd Field Commands
Command Name Description
I Column Information displays detailed information about a column. See Using the Column Information Window for more information.
R Repeat repeats a column.
D Delete deletes a column from the report only. To restore deleted columns, select Reset Columns from the Edit menu. When you delete a column using D, all information for that column is removed from the Report Engine window. See the No field in Fields in the Report Engine Window for an alternate method of dropping columns from a report.
T Subtotal computes a subtotal on the column for each group defined by a GROUP, PAGE, or BREAK usage. See Usages for more information on usages.

The following display shows the Report Engine window with the command to repeat the No. of boarded passengers column. This display also shows that the number in the No field for the No. of transfer passengers column has been erased to drop the column from the report. After you press ENTER, repeated fields are indicated with an R between the Cmd and No fields; dropped columns are moved to the bottom of the list, and the other columns are renumbered. Any columns used to create subtotals are indicated with a T.

Using the Cmd Field


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