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Doing More with SAS/ASSIST Software

Importing QMF Queries into Query and Reporting

You have now written an export procedure and exported your QMF queries. In this stage, you import the queries for use in Query and Reporting.

  1. Select SAS Import from the Query Migration main menu to open the Import Queries window, as shown in the following display.

    Import Queries Window


  2. Type the name of the external file that contains the exported queries.

  3. Query and Reporting has a default catalog (SASUSER.IMPORT) to hold the imported queries. The first time you use this default catalog, it is automatically created. However, you can type the name of your own SAS catalog over the default catalog name.

    If the catalog does not exist, it is created. If queries with the same name already exist in the catalog, they are replaced by the imported queries.

  4. Select Import to start importing the QMF queries into the SAS System. An Importing window appears to show the progress of the importing process.

After the importing process has been completed, you can access the SQL queries from either the Result Manager window or from the SQL Editor window (by selecting Open from the File menu). Notice that the queries are of type SQL, which indicates that they are SQL queries.

You can use any of the Result Manager window commands to select, edit, browse, or print the queries. You can then edit the DB2 SQL queries, save them, or create reports from them, just like any other query in Query and Reporting.

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