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Doing More with SAS/ASSIST Software

Returning to SAS/ASSIST Windows from the Output Window

The method of returning to a SAS/ASSIST window from the Output window varies by operating environment.

Mainframe operating environments

In mainframe operating environments, SAS procedures that generate output are suspended after the first page of output appears in the Output window. This situation is indicated by a note in the message area stating that "PROC procedure-name has created 1 page(s) of output so far" or "PROC procedure-name suspended." Before you can perform any more tasks in SAS/ASSIST software, the running procedure must be completed. Use one of the following methods to complete the running procedure:

After the procedure is complete, use one of the following methods to return to the SAS/ASSIST task window:

Note:   If you return to SAS/ASSIST before all procedures have finished running and you try to execute another SAS/ASSIST task, a message appears which indicates that a procedure is still in progress. Select End Procedure to terminate the running procedure.

Running Procedure Message (Mainframes)



Desktop Operating Environments

In desktop or windows-based operating environments, procedures that generate output run to completion without user intervention. Use one of the following methods to return to the SAS/ASSIST task window:

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