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Doing More with SAS/ASSIST Software

Environment Items

Primary and Secondary menu colors

The Primary menu colors and Secondary menu colors items enable you to customize the color scheme of the Version 6 block-style SAS/ASSIST menus. They have no effect on the WorkPlace menu.

Forms management

The Forms management setup item enables you to create and edit printer forms and select the catalog for storing and retrieving saved printer forms. Printer forms determine how hardcopy output appears. For more information on how printer forms are used, refer to the SAS companion documentation for your operating environment. To create or edit a printer form, type the name of the form in the Form name filed and press ENTER. See the online help for information on the various forms windows.

Graphics options

The Graphics options setup item enables you to select and customize graphics device drivers for display, hardcopy, and file output. You can also specify other graphics options such as font style, size, and color. Graphics Options is also used in Changing the Background Color for Graphs.

Enter host command

The Enter host command setup item enables you to send a command to your operating environment without exiting your SAS session.

Batch processing

The Batch processing setup item enables you to set up files and commands for batch processing. For more information, see Batch Processing with the Result Manager (OS/390 Only).

Use SAS program editor

The Use SAS program editor item raises the Program Editor window. This option has the same effect as selecting Program Editor from the View menu.

Catalogs for results

The Catalogs for results item is used with the Version 6.06 interface style of SAS/ASSIST software (User Profile option SAS/ASSIST Style set to Block, Menu Style set to Old). In the Version 6.06 interface, you can use Catalogs for Results to specify a separate catalog for saved tasks, output and logs, graphics and forms. All results are now saved to the SASUSER.PRIVATE catalog by default.

Catalog search path

The Catalog search path item enables you to specify up to four catalogs in which to search for catalog entries before searching the default catalogs. For more information, see Using the Catalog Search Path.

Private/public applications

The Private/public applications item is used to specify what applications are run from the Run public applications and Run private applications items on the EIS task menu

Logon/logoff exits

Logon and logoff exits are programs that run automatically when you invoke and exit SAS/ASSIST software. You can also set up an alternate main menu. For more information, see Using Logon and Logoff Exits and an Alternate Main Menu.

History file

The History File item is used in the Release 6.06 SAS/ASSIST interface to collect the source code from the SAS/ASSIST tasks into one file. While this function can still be used in later releases, using a script file is generally more useful. For more information on script files, see Creating and Executing a Script File.

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