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Doing More with SAS/ASSIST Software

Setting User Profile Options

The User Profile window contains a set of options that is available for your personal use in SAS/ASSIST software. The user profile is automatically created the first time you access SAS/ASSIST software. Individual User Profiles are stored in the SAS catalog entry SASUSER.PROFILE.PASSIST.SLIST. You can use SAS/ASSIST software with the personal User Profile and the personal Query Manager that are set up for you by default. See Selecting a Query Manager for more information about Query Managers.

To open the User Profile window, follow this selection path:


The following display shows the User Profile window.

User Profile Window


The User Profile window contains all of the possible profile options. However, it displays only a subset of the available options when the Type field has any value other than All. The default value for the Type field is General.

To see other subsets of options, type a ? in the Type field, press ENTER, and select a type from the list. Alternatively, you can enter a different type in the Type field. The types of options include the following:

Displays all possible options

Access to DB2 data
Displays options related to DB2 access in Query and Reporting (OS/390 only).

Access to SAS data
Displays options related to SAS data access.

Displays options related to batch processing (OS/390 only).

Displays general SAS/ASSIST software options.

Displays options related to HTML output.

Private menu
Displays options related to the private menu.

Displays options related to Query and Reporting.

Query Manager
Displays options related to Query Managers.

Report Engine
Displays options related to the Report Engine.

Scroll the window forward as needed to see additional options. Most options have a default value. Type a ? in the Value field for an option to list all of the possible values for that option. To change the value, select a new value from the list or type over the current value. You can also type I or S in the Cmd field to open the Option Information window and update values in that window. The following table lists the commands you can use in the Cmd field next to an option.

Commands for the User Profile Window
Cmd Action Description
? Lists commands Displays a list of commands for the Cmd field.
I Information Opens the Option Information window, which provides information about the current option, including a description, a value, and the date altered. You can edit the value in this window by typing a new value in the Value field. Alternatively, you can type a ? in the Value field to list all possible values for the option. Select a value from the list.
R Resets value Returns the option to the last saved option value.
S Information Is identical to the I command.

The User profile is controlled by a Master profile, if one exists, and may also be controlled by a Group profile. User profile options might be restricted by an administrator. When options are restricted, you cannot change the values for these options in your User profile. (If option values have been changed in a Master or Group profile, you may see a prompt indicating that changes have been made when you invoke SAS/ASSIST software.) Master and Group Profiles are usually set up by system administrators.

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