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Doing More with SAS/ASSIST Software

Creating an Alternate Menu Bar

You can use the PMENU procedure to create an alternate menu bar for your SAS/ASSIST session. For example, submitting the following SAS program in the Program Editor window creates a menu bar called CUSTMENU in a catalog called SASUSER.MENUS:

proc pmenu cat=sasuser.menus;
   menu custmenu;
   item 'File' menu=file;
   item 'Locals' menu=locals;

   menu file;
      item 'End';
      item 'Bye';

   menu locals;
      item 'RESULTMAN';
      item 'ACCESS';


After you have submitted this program, invoke SAS/ASSIST software if it is not already running. Open the User Profile window as described earlier in this chapter. Change the following options:

Select Close from the File menu to save your changes. Exit SAS/ASSIST software, then re-invoke it. When you open a task window, your alternate menu bar appears as shown in the following display.

Alternate Menu Bar


To find the SAS/ASSIST commands that you can use when building an alternate menu, follow this selection path from the WorkPlace menu:

Using This Window
Select Menu Bar from the Help window for a list of menu bar items; select a menu bar item to find its associated command. Here are some additional useful commands:

toggles between the menu bar and the Command ===> prompt.

raises the previous window.

raises the next window.

lists the available commands for that window.

opens the Export Data to External File window after a query has been run. Used in the Query window only.

closes all open Query and Reporting windows. Used in Query and Reporting windows only.

For more information on the PMENU procedure, refer to the SAS Procedures Guide.

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