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Doing More with SAS/ASSIST Software

Additional Report Engine Options

The Edit menu contains additional options that enable you to customize your report. This section describes items on the Edit menu that are not discussed elsewhere in this chapter.

Grand Totals

The Grand Totals item enables you to display overall totals for the report. You can display column grand totals or row grand totals.

Follow these directions to display column grand totals.

  1. For LIST reports, specify a usage of BREAK, GROUP, or PAGE for a column. For TABLE reports, specify a usage of GROUP for a column.

  2. Specify a statistics usage (such as MIN, MAX, MEAN, and so on) on at least one column. This statistic will be calculated on that column in each BREAK, GROUP, or PAGE value and for the overall report.

  3. Follow this selection path:

    Grand Totals
    The Grand Totals window appears.

    Grand Totals Window


  4. Type some identifying text (for example, Overall) in the Column Total field. Select Text if it is not already selected.

  5. Select OK. Run the report.

To display row grand totals, follow the above directions, except use an ACROSS usage instead of BREAK, PAGE, or GROUP. Also, use the Row Total field to enter your identifying text.

Note:   Sometimes the grand total identifying text does not appear in the report output. Usually this happens because the line size is not large enough to accomodate the text. To solve this problem, select Page Layout from the Edit menu and specify a larger value for Line Size.  [cautionend]

Subset Data

The Subset Data item opens the Build a WHERE Clause to Subset Your Data, enabling you to apply a WHERE clause to your data when creating your report. For details on this window, see the "Report Writing" chapter in Getting Started with the SAS System Using SAS/ASSIST Software.

Limit Output Rows

The Limit Output Rows item opens the Limit Number of Output Rows window, enabling you to limit the report output to the number of rows you specify. The default is MAX, or all rows.

Row Title Space

The Row Title Space item is used only for the TABLE report style. Selecting this item opens a dialog box which enables you to set the width of the row title, that is, the left column or columns which identify the contents of the row.

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