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Doing More with SAS/ASSIST Software

Creating and Executing a Script File

You may want to execute two or more saved SAS/ASSIST tasks in succession. For example, you may want to run a query and then generate one or more reports. The Result Manager offers you this convenience.

Use a script file to execute several entries in one jobstream. Scripts can be executed interactively or, under OS/390, in batch. A script describes what entries you process and the order of the processing. A script file can be used to execute entries of the types QUERY, SQL, REPORT, SOURCE, and ASSIST.

To create a new script, use the Create Script window to specify the entry names in the following form. The entry names are preceded by the entry types as labels.
ASSIST: name
QUERY: name
SQL: name
REPORT: name
SOURCE: name

  1. From the Result Manager window, follow this selection path:

    Create script
    The Create Script dialog box appears.

    Create Script Dialog Box


  2. Type the name of the script in the text field. The first character must be alphabetic.

  3. Select OK to open the script editor. Type the name of the entries you want to execute, preceded by their types. The example in the following display specifies that the entry QMARCH1 of type QUERY is to be executed first, followed by the entry TEST4 of type ASSIST.

    Typing the Contents of a Script


    Note that the above display is for example purposes only; use your own saved tasks in your script file.

  4. Select Close from the File menu. A prompt appears, asking if you want to save the changes. Select Yes to save the entry and return to the Result Manager window. The script appears listed in the Result Manager window.

  5. To execute the script, type X in the Cmd field next to the script entry.

Note:   For OS/390 only, you can use the L command to execute the script in batch. See Batch Processing with the Result Manager (OS/390 Only) for additional information.  [cautionend]

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