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SAS/EIS Software: Administrator's Guide

Setting Up the SASHELP Repository

Complete the following steps to set up the SASHELP repository used by the Report Gallery templates:

  1. At a SAS command line, type REPOSMGR and then select Repository Registration.

  2. In the Repository Registration window, select [New].

  3. In the Register Repository (New) window, type SASHELP (in uppercase) in the Repository field, and then type the full directory path where the EIS catalog is located in the Path field, for example:
    PC users:

    Unix users:

    VMS users:

In the Description field, you can type any character string (for example, SASHELP Repository). Select [OK] to close the Register Repository (New) window. Select [Close] to exit the Repository Registration window.

Note:    Repositories cannot span multiple directories because the path cannot contain concatenated directories. If you have existing metabases in concatenated directories, you should copy the metabases to a single path that will be referenced as a repository.  [cautionend]

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