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SAS/EIS Software: Administrator's Guide

Converting Existing SAS/EIS Metabases

Before you can use an existing SAS/EIS metabase registration, you must convert it to the new Common Metadata Repository format. You must convert all metabases in a single path into a single repository. For example, if you have two legacy metabases, each with 5 registrations, after the conversion, you will have 10 registrations in a repository. To convert an existing SAS/EIS metabase or metabases, follow these steps:

  1. In the EIS Main Menu, select Metabase to open the Metabase window.

  2. In the Metabase window, select

    to open the Convert Metabases window.

  3. Select the metabase(s) that you want to convert, and then select [OK]. All of the metabases that you selected will be converted.

    Note:   If you try to access a legacy metabase registration, you will be prompted to convert it.  [cautionend]

For additional information on moving from Version 6 SAS/EIS to Version 7, refer to the online Help for SAS/EIS software.

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