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Chapter Contents
The MODEL Procedure

ODS Table Names

PROC MODEL assigns a name to each table it creates. You can use these names to reference the table when using the Output Delivery System (ODS) to select tables and create output data sets. These names are listed in the following table. For more information on ODS, see Chapter 6, "Using the Output Delivery System."

Table 14.3: ODS Tables Produced in PROC MODEL
ODS Table Name Description Option
ODS Tables Created by the FIT Statement
ParameterEstimatesParameter Estimatesdefault
ResidSummarySummary of the SSE, MSE for the equationsdefault
EquationsListing of equations to estimatedefault
ModVarsListing of Model variables and parametersdefault
ConvergenceStatusConvergence statusdefault
MinSummaryNumber of parameters, estimation kinddefault
ConvCritConvergence criteria for estimationdefault
ObsUsedObservations read, used, and missing.default
DatasetOptionsData sets useddefault
ModSummaryListing of all categorized variablesdefault
ObsSummaryIdentifies observations with errorsdefault
LagLengthModel lag lengthdefault
EstSummaryStatsObjective, Objective * Ndefault
MissingValuesMissing values generated by the programdefault
SizeInfoStorage Requirement for estimationDETAILS
ChowTestChow and Predictive Chow test resultsCHOW=
ConfIntervalProfile likelihood Confidence IntervalsPRL=
WgtVarThe name of the weight variable 
DetResidCovDeterminant of the ResidualsDETAILS
EstSummaryMissModel Summary Statistics for PAIRWISEMISSING=
HeteroTestHeteroscedasticity test tablesBREUSCH/PAGEN
HausmanTestHausman's test tableHAUSMAN
IterHistoryIteration printingITALL/ITPRINT
NormalityTestNormality test tableNORMAL
GodfreyGodfrey's Serial Correlation TestGF=
DWTestDurbin Watson TestDW=
TestResultsTest statement table 
CovResidualsCovariance of residualsCORRS/COVS
CorrResidualsCorrelations of residualsCORRS/COVS
XPXMatrixX'X for SystemXPX
InvXPXX'X inverse for SystemI
CovBCovariance of parametersCOVB/CORRB
CorrBCorrelations of parametersCOVB/CORRB
ODS Tables Created by the SOLVE Statement
DatasetOptionsData sets useddefault
ObsUsedObservations read, used, and missing.default
ModSummaryListing of all categorized variablesdefault
SimulationSummaryNumber of variables solved fordefault
LagLengthModel lag lengthdefault
SolutionVarListSolution Variable Listsdefault
ObsSummarySimulation trace outputSOLVEPRINT
FitStatisticsFit statistics for simulationSTATS
DescStatsDescriptive StatisticsSTATS
TheilStatsTheil Forecast Error StatisticsTHEIL
TheilRelStatsTheil Relative Change Error StatisticsTHEIL
ODS Tables Created by the FIT and SOLVE Statements
RangeInfoRANGE statement specification 
BlockAnalysisBlock analysisBLOCK
BlockStructureBlock structureBLOCK
DepStructureDependency Structure of the SystemBLOCK
AdjacencyMatrixAdjacency GraphGRAPH
TransitiveClosureTransitive closure GraphGRAPH
SortAdjacencyMatrixSorted adjacency GraphGRAPH
MemUsageMemory usage statisticsMEMORYUSE
ParmReadInParameter estimates read inESTDATA=
IntgIntgIntegration Iteration OutputINTGPRINT
CodeListListing of programs statementsLISTCODE
DerListDerivative variablesLISTDER
FirstDerivativesFirst derivative tableLISTDER
CodeDependencyVariable cross referenceLISTDEP

Chapter Contents
Chapter Contents

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