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SAS/ETS User's Guide

Window Reference

This chapter provides a reference to the various windows of the Time Series Forecasting system. The windows are presented in alphabetical order by name. Each section describes the purpose of the window, how to bring it up, and its controls, fields, and menus. For windows which have their own pull-down menus, there is a description of each menu item under the heading menu bar. These windows also have a tool bar with icons duplicating the more commonly used menu items. Each icon has a screen tip: A brief description which appears when you place the mouse cursor over the icon. If you don't see the screen tips, bring up the SAS Preferences window, under the Options submenu of the Tools pull-down menu. Select the View tab and make sure the screen tips check box is checked.

Adjustments Selection Window

ARIMA Model Specification Window

ARIMA Process Specification Window

Automatic Model Fitting Window

Automatic Model Fitting Results Window

Automatic Model Selection Options Window

Custom Model Specification Window

Data Set Selection Window

Default Time Ranges Window

Develop Models Window

Dynamic Regression Specification Window

Dynamic Regressors Selection Window

Error Model Options Window

External Forecast Model Specification Window

Forecast Combination Model Specification Window

Forecasting Project File Selection Window

Forecast Options Window

Intervention Specification Window

Interventions for Series Window

Manage Forecasting Project Window

Model Fit Comparison Window

Model List Window

Model Selection Criterion Window

Model Selection List Window

Model Viewer Window

Models to Fit Window

Print Setup Window

Produce Forecasts Window

Regressors Selection Window

Seasonal ARIMA Model Options Window

Series Diagnostics Window

Series Selection Window

Series to Process Window

Series Viewer Transformations Window

Smoothing Model Specification Window

Smoothing Weight Optimization Window

Statistics of Fit Selection Window

Time ID Creation -- 1,2,3 Window

Time ID Creation from Several Variables Window

Time ID Creation from Starting Date Window

Time ID Creation using Informat Window

Time ID Variable Specification Window

Time Ranges Specification Window

Time Series Forecasting Window

Time Series Simulation Window

Time Series Viewer Window

Book Contents
Book Contents