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Moving and Accessing SAS Files across Operating Environments

Error Message

Encrypted data is invalid

This message typically results when using PROC CPORT and PROC CIMPORT to move files whose name extensions have been changed. For example, an extension on at least one filename in the directory was replaced with one that conflicts with the release of SAS that was used to create the file. The filename extension could have been changed using either the DOS rename command or the Windows File Manager. For a list of valid Windows file name extensions, by SAS release, see SAS Filename Extensions and File Headers.

Use the following command syntax to verify the suspicious file name extension:

type filename.extension

You may pipe the output through the more command.

Here is an example:

type xportout.sd2 | more

You suspect that the filename extension for a Version 8 data set xportout was incorrectly changed from .sas7bdat to .sd2.

Note:   Version 7 and Version 8 filename extensions are identical.  [cautionend]

Output is:

SAS 8.00 WIN 6.09

The right column shows that a filename extension appropriate for SAS Version 6.09 was incorrectly applied to a Version 8 file. To fix the problem, you must re-apply the .sas7bdat extension to the filename:

libname cportout v8 'c:\tranfile';
proc cport library=cportout 

The LIBNAME statement specifies a V8 engine that explicitly applies the correct filename extension.

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