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Moving and Accessing SAS Files across Operating Environments

Connecting Local and Remote Sessions

A local host sign on to a remote host establishes a connection between your local SAS session and a remote SAS session. You invoke SAS/CONNECT on a remote host by means of a TELNET daemon or a spawner program. The spawner program runs on the remote host and listens for client requests for connection to the remote host.

Here is a typical sign on:

options comamid=access-method remote=host-id 


specifies the communication access method identifier that is used for passing data between the two hosts.

designates the name of the remote host that you want to access.

optionally specifies the script file to be used for sign on. The need for a sign-on script is dependent on the access method that is used to communicate between hosts and the method that is used to invoke SAS/CONNECT. The same script that is used to sign on is usually also used at sign off.

Note:   Omit the CSCRIPT= option when using a spawner program to invoke SAS/CONNECT.  [cautionend]

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