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Moving and Accessing SAS Files across Operating Environments

Using Filename Extensions to Determine Which SAS Engine and Host Were Used to Create a SAS File

These Version 6 and Version 7 and later hosts use filename extensions to reflect the SAS engine and the SAS member that is created:

SAS Filename Extension by Host Type and SAS Release lists SAS filename extensions for members by host and version.

SAS Filename Extension by Host Type and SAS Release
Member SAS Filename Extensions
Version 6 Version 8
UNIX OpenVMS OS/2 and Windows UNIX, OpenVMS, OS/2, OS/390¹, and Windows OS/2 and Windows (Short Names)²
.SAS .sas .SAS .sas .sas .sas

(DATA step)

.sspnn³ .SASEB$PROGRAM .ss2 sas7bpgm .ss7
DATA .ssdnn³ .SASEB$DATA .sd2 .sas7bdat .sd7
INDEX .snxnn³ .SASEB$INDEX .si2 .sas7bndx .si7
CATALOG .sctnn³ .SASEB$CATALOG .sc2 .sas7bcat .sc7
FDB .sfdnn .SASEB$FDB .sf2 .sas7sfdb .sf7
MDDB .ssmnn .SASEB$MDDB .sm2 .sas7bmdb .sm7
DMDB .snmnn n/a n/a .sas7bdmd .s7m
PROC SQL view .snvnn SASEB$VIEW .sv2 .sas7bvew .sv7
Item store n/a n/a n/a .sas7bitm n/a

nn is an extension that is used to differentiate among UNIX host architectures. To find out the values for nn for UNIX hosts, see UNIX Host Filename Extensions.
¹ refers to Version 7 and later OS/390 UNIX System Services Directory.
² refers to Version 7 and later OS/2 and Windows short filename extensions. For details about conditions under which short filenames are used, see Using Version 8 Short Filename Extensions on FAT-style Disk Drives.
³ with the 01 extension, also applies to Macintosh data sets.

Version 8 and Version 7 filename extensions are identical.

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