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SAS/FSP Software Procedures Guide


You can use the FSEDIT procedure to perform a variety of tasks. Each task has its own associated window, as shown in the following table:

Task Window
Viewing and editing observations FSEDIT
Creating a new SAS data set FSEDIT NEW
Customizing the FSEDIT session FSEDIT Menu

[bull] redesigning the display FSEDIT Modify

[bull] defining special fields FSEDIT Names

[bull] identifying field locations FSEDIT Identify

[bull] writing an SCL program FSEDIT Program

[bull] assigning field attributes FSEDIT Attribute

[bull] setting session parameters FSEDIT Parms

The following sections explain

Note:   Most of the features that are described in the following sections for the FSEDIT procedure are also available for the FSBROWSE procedure. However, the FSEDIT functions that relate to creating new data sets and to adding, editing, or deleting observations in existing data sets are not applicable to the FSBROWSE procedure.  [cautionend]

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