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The FSLETTER Procedure


Initiates an FSLETTER session.

FSLETTER <? | SAS-catalog<.catalog-entry>>


The following arguments can be used with the FSLETTER command:

opens a selection window from which you can choose the catalog that is used by the FSLETTER procedure. You can select the catalog interactively by pointing and clicking in the selection lists, or you can specify the desired catalog explicitly in the Member Name field. Once you specify the catalog, an Explorer window opens showing the contents of the specified catalog. From the Explorer window, you can select an existing entry or create a new entry.

specifies the catalog in which documents, forms, and editor parameters for the FSLETTER session are stored and, optionally, the specific entry. The complete form of the argument is
You can specify a one-, two-, three-, or four-level name:

If you use a one- or two-level name, the procedure initially opens an Explorer window, from which you can select an existing entry or create a new entry in the specified catalog.

If you use a three- or four-level name, the procedure opens the appropriate window for creating or editing the specified entry:

The procedure terminates with an error message if you specify an entry type that is not supported by the FSLETTER procedure.

If you do not specify any of these arguments, the selection window that was described for the ? argument is opened.

Using the FSLETTER Command

The FSLETTER command is a convenient way to open the FSLETTER window because it can be issued in any SAS System window. When you end an FSLETTER session that was initiated with the FSLETTER command, you return to whatever window was active when the command was issued.

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