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Getting Started with the SAS System Using SAS/ASSIST Software

Quick Start

If you are anxious to get started and to see how easy it is to perform tasks using SAS/ASSIST software, follow the steps below to produce a simple listing report. If you prefer a slower pace with more explanation, skip this section and go on to the next chapter.

  1. Log on to your operating environment and invoke the SAS System. See the SAS Support Consultant at your site if you need assistance logging on or invoking the SAS System.

  2. Invoke SAS/ASSIST software as follows: From the Program Editor window, follow this selection path:

    The SAS/ASSIST Welcome Screen or Start Menu appears. Select Continue; the WorkPlace menu appears.

  3. If you have not already done so, you will need to create the sample tables. Refer to Creating the Sample Tables for instructions on creating the sample tables.

  4. From the SAS/ASSIST WorkPlace menu, follow this selection path:

    Report Writing
    The List a Table window appears.

  5. Select Table. The Select table window appears with a list of available SAS data libraries and tables.

  6. Select SASUSER from the list of libraries. Then select the HOUSES table from the list of tables.

  7. Select OK. The List a Table window reappears.

    List a Table Window


  8. From the List a Table window, follow this selection path:

    The table appears in the Output window. Use the scroll bars to view other parts of the table.

    Listing of HOUSES Table


  9. When you are finished looking at the table listing, return to the List a Table window by using one of the following methods, depending on your operating environment:

  10. Follow this selection path from the List a Table window to return to the WorkPlace menu:

    The WorkPlace menu reappears.

For more details on report writing, see Report Writing.

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