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Getting Started with the SAS System Using SAS/ASSIST Software

Organizing the Entries in the Result Manager Window

There are two ways to organize the entries in the Result Manager window: searching and sorting.

Searching for Entries

You can search for particular saved entries by editing the Name field and, as shown in the following examples, using pattern-matching characters %, *, and _. Note that the percent sign (%) and the asterisk (*) can be used to indicate one or more characters. The underscore (_) indicates only one character.

To restore the display to a full listing of saved entries, type % or * in the Name field.

Sorting Entries

You can sort the contents of the Result Manager window by Name, Description, Date, or Type. To sort the entries, follow this selection path:

Sort By
A menu of available sorting parameters appears. Select the parameter by which you wish to sort the entries. Note that if you sort by Date, the most recent entries appear at the top of the list.

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